About Us

Welcome to Planet Peachy! Here on Planet Peachy, to help keep our planet - well - peachy, we offer  convenient re-usable alternatives to some everyday throwaways or non-perishables. 


The Peachy Approach

Our Approach is to be conscious of the impact on people and planet throughout the life cycle of our products. We source our products, fabrics, threads, stationery, web hosters and energy, responsibly. In practice this means: 

  •      The fabric, bags and thread we source are all certified organic

  •      We only work with suppliers commited to fair and just wages and working conditions 

  •      The energy we use to power the sewing machines and the Peachy office is renewable

  •      Our web hosting is carbon neutral

  •      We use minimal packaging and recycled stationery

  •      We adopt a zero waste policy aiming to keep to a minimum any waste sent to landfill

  •      We avoid plastics and petrochemical-based goods in our products and operation

And, at the end of their hopefully long and useful lives, our products are all biogegradeable!



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